iDea Mid Depth CC54i



6-String Acoustic/Electric
Body Type:
Mid Depth Cutaway
Laminated Spruce
Modified X
Scale Length:
25 1/4"
Fret Inlay:
12th Fret i
iDea Elliptical
Bound Ebony
1 11/16"
Black Ovation
iDea OPi-1

Series Description

The Ovation iDea is the first and only guitar to feature digital MP3 recorder/player. Integrated into the onboard Ovation preamp, the device provides a fast and easy way to record musical phrases, vocals, and voice memos—even entire songs. With audio lessons pre-installed in the recorder’s memory, the iDea is also a potent learning tool.

Downloading files from a computer or the Internet is a snap with the iDea’s USB port, which also lets you transfer, rename, delete, and rearrange the iDea’s audio files right on the computer desktop. You can import mixes and rhythm tracks—even songs you want to learn—into the iDea’s MP3 player and listen to them with headphones or play them back through a sound system or amp via the guitar’s 1/4” output. The iDea ships with pre-installed jam tracks, and you can download others online here. Ovation’s iDea models feature pioneering Mid-Depth composite bowl bodies.

iDea OPI-1 Preamp

iDea OPi-1

The groundbreaking iDea OPI-1 preamp provides a fast and easy way to record musical phrases, vocals, and voice memos—even entire songs—using your guitar.

Using the iDea’s MP3 capability, you can:

  • RECORD Capture guitar and vocals simultaneously using the iDea’s pickup and built-in microphone. Store over 100 minutes of MP3 files.
  • PLAYBACK Listen to recorded or imported audio through headphones or amp. Change playback tempo without changing pitch.
  • CREATE Inspiration can strike at any time, and the iDea lets you capture it every time! Now you can quickly record song ideas, licks, hooks, and rhythms. And with the iDea’s USB connectivity, you can upload your ideas to your computer, and then use recording software to edit and expand your creations.
  • LEARN Record songs or solos from MP3 sources, slow them down, and learn them note-for-note. More than simply a guitar, the iDea is your creative partner.