Voyage in sound.

In the early 1960s, guitar virtuoso and game-changing engineer Charlie Kaman set out to find the sound he always knew but never heard.

He discovered it in 1966, the Ovation guitar was born.

Your vision, your voice.

We strive to create instruments that inspire vision and project voice — your voice.

Using four fundamental elements, the Ovation instrument becomes a blank canvas to find your sound and discover your own individual style.


Tone that moves you.

Consistent and balanced — every time you play. Present and alive through every note. The Ovation offers tonal dimension that truly inspires, with clarity and articulation to project your musical message.


Geometry matters.

True expression is a sonic and visual experience. Our unique shapes and smooth lines are stylistically distinct and produce remarkable tonal clarity so you can "stand out loud."


Materials mastery.

We combine modern and traditional materials to broaden the tonal palette, dynamic range and durability of Ovation instruments. From carbon fiber and Lyrachord® to the finest select woods, the Ovation formula is a perfect harmony of cutting-edge innovation and artful luthiery.


Visionary instruments for visionary artists.

Ovation players are driven by a relentless artistic vision that turns heads, speaks to their individuality and questions the realm of what is possible. Our mission is to help visionary artists make real music. We don't yield to standards — we create them.

Forward-thinking — yet remarkably timeless. Make the Ovation sound your sound.