Adamas Strings for Acoustic Guitar Nuova phosphor bronze coated

SRP 29,00 EUR

  • Adamas Phosphor Bronze coated
  • Solid brass ball-end, E6 and A5 string core and winding each with identical diameter
  • Composite gauging: A5, G3, and H2 string thinner than gradations from other manufacturers.
  • High-end Premium Phosphor Bronze, coated
  • Ultra-thin nano-coating below 1 micron = 0.001 mm is applied to winding wire and core before the string is wound.
  • Alloy specially modified for the coating with a high copper content.
  • Warm, rich, earthy tone
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, strings shrink-wrapped with tarnish protection
  • With ADAMAS NUOVA sticker
  • Complete single string assortment available under 665.308-665.356
  • Original strings of Ovation and Adamas guitars: . 012 set 1818NU (664.650)
  • 1717NU Extra-Light .010 .014 .023w .030w .038w .047w
  • 1749NU Super-Light .011 .015 .022w .032w .042w .052w
  • 1818NU Light .012 .015 .023w .032w .044w .053w
  • 1919NU Medium .013 .016 .025w .035w .047w .056w
  • 1616NU 12-string Light .010/.010 .014/.014 .023w/.010 .030w/.014 .038w/.018w .047w/.027w
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About this series:

The Adamas Nuova coating is not comparable to other manufacturers' traditional coatings, the strings feel almost as uncoated, but hold 3-5 times longer.

The legendary Adamas Phosphor Bronze strings, now available again as a Historic Reissue in the original specifications from 1980.

They have long been considered the high-end standard for acoustic guitars.

The special alloy with a higher copper content ensures great sound, enormous flexibility and pronounced sustain. Stably held by a solid brass ball end, they sound much fuller than conventional strings.

The composite gauging makes them ideal for fast playing, but retains the rich, full sound expected from a quality acoustic instrument.

In the Historic Reissue RC versions, a round wire is used as the string core instead of a hexagonal one. This means that the winding is fully in contact with the core wire, which produces a longer sustain and a more balanced sound, richer in overtones.

The lower string tension with the same wire thickness improves the playing feel and makes it enormously comfortable.

The Adamas Historic Reissue series includes strings for (electro)acoustic guitars and basses as well as for mandolins.