Ovation E-Acoustic classical guitar Celebrity MS Classic Nylon

SRP 552,00 EUR

  • Solid cedar top; quartersawn Fan-Bracing
  • Multi Soundhole
  • Mid-depth Cutaway Lyrachord® Body
  • Mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod
  • Ovangkol edged fingerboard and bridge
  • Neck-body transition at 14th fret
  • Scale 650 mm/25.6", nut width 48 mm/1 7/8"
  • Ivory coloured body binding, multi-part purfling
  • Open Ovation Classic machine head, black
  • Ovation Slimline Pickup, OP4BT Preamp with tuner
  • New: Factory-fitted with Hannabach GOLDIN 725MHT Medium High Tension Super-Carbon treble & GOLDIN bass strings, Nickel and cadmium free! GEWA 652.727
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The instruments of the Ovation Celebrity Elite series are something special, both for the eyes and the ears.

They feature Ovation's signature Multi Soundholes. This innovative construction uses several small openings at the edge of the guitar top instead of a single, central soundhole.

This has two positive effects: firstly, the available vibration surface in the centre of the soundboard is increased, and secondly, the sound comes out much closer to the ear of the person playing.

In addition, the Multi Soundholes are visually enriching and are a guaranteed eye-catcher on stage.

The Celebrity series is the entry into the world of Ovation. Here everyone can find their Roundback® original at an attractive price.

The acoustic sound is convincing because the instruments of this line have mainly solid spruce or cedar tops, which are stabilised at the bottom with a Scalloped Quartersawn X-Bracing - a crosswise wood construction - for optimal sound development.

All guitars of the Ovation Celebrity series have a Nato neck and are available in Mid-Depth or Super Shallow Lyrachord® body version, depending on the model.

The electro-acoustic signal processing starts with an Ovation Slimline pickup at the bridge of the guitar, which - as the name already says - stands out due to its slim design. The pressure point on the piezo crystals is increased by the serrated bridge inlay, which favours a particularly even sound. Before the signal leaves the guitar, it is refined by an Ovation OP4BT preamp with 3-band EQ and built-in tuner.

The instruments of the Celebrity series are divided into the Traditional and Elite lines, which are distinguished by the types of soundholes used (centre soundhole or multi soundholes). The addition Plus identifies guitars whose tops have been upgraded with special woods.

To round off the tonal quality, all Celebrity guitars are factory-fitted with high-quality strings from Adamas or Hannabach, depending on the model.

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