Ovation Merch Space Shirt M-MD-S SPACE

SRP 29,00 EUR

  • Unisex black t-shirt with golden print
  • Aerospace design
  • 100 % organic cotton
  • Standard fit Sizes XS - XXL
  • Silkscreen print on front
  • Silkscreen transfer print on back
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About this series:

Inspired by the aerospace engineering background of Ovation's founder, Charlie Kaman, this design pays homage to the origins of our brand. The front of the shirt showcases a mesmerizing arrangement of multi soundhole epaulettes, resembling planets in the vast universe, with a rocket ship and helicopter symbolizing our commitment to creativity and innovation. On the back, you'll find our inspiring slogan: "Be different. Since 1966." Wear the Space Shirt and embark on a cosmic journey that celebrates your love for music and the spirit of exploration!

Made from 100 % organic cotton, this unisex shirt offers both comfort and environmental consciousness.