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  • Unisex windbreaker jacket in “British khaki” color
  • Shell and mesh lining made from 100 % recycled polyester
  • Standard fit
  • Sizes S - XXL
  • Digital transfer print for high-quality and durable design
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About this series:

As an exotic windbreaker that exudes style and musical inspiration, the Volume Jacket comes in the captivating color “british khaki”, adorned with light green prints that add vibrancy and uniqueness to its design.

The back of the jacket features a prominent Ovation logo, printed with vintage volume knobs, paying homage to our rich heritage and the timeless appeal of analog sound control. This eye-catching design element captures the essence of our commitment to our roots with a vision of the future. On the front, you'll find the empowering phrase "be different since '66," celebrating the spirit of individuality and creativity that has defined Ovation guitars for decades. The arms of the jacket are adorned with vintage volume and treble knobs, adding a nostalgic touch to the overall modern aesthetic.

Embrace your passion for music, make a statement, and stand out from the crowd with this jacket!

Made from 100 % recycled polyester for both the shell and mesh lining, the unisex jacket not only offers protection from the elements but also embodies dedication to sustainability. Its unisex standard fit ensures a comfortable and relaxed wearing experience.