Applause E-Acoustic classical guitar AB24CII Mid Cutaway Nylon

SRP 322,00 EUR

  • Classic CS Nylon E-Acoustic classical guitar
  • Center Soundhole
  • Mid-depth Cutaway Lyrachord® body
  • Nato neck without adjustable steel rod
  • Ovangkol fingerboard and bridge
  • 18 nickel silver frets
  • Scale 650mm/25.6", nut width 48mm/1 7/8"
  • Inlaid Perloid-Rosette
  • Ivory coloured body binding, multi-part purfling
  • Nickel-plated machine heads
  • Applause CE304T Preamp with 3-Band EQ and tuner
  • Factory-fitted with Hannabach GOLDIN 725MHT Medium High Tension Super-Carbon treble- & GOLDIN bass strings, Nickel and cadmium free! GEWA 652.727
  • Selected cedar top
  • Satin = Silk matte lacquer
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The Applause Heritage Traditional models are equipped with tops made of selected spruce or cedar wood.

"Traditional" refers to the center soundhole placed in the middle of the top. This is also the essential difference to the Heritage Elite models, which rely on the Ovation-typical Multi Soundholes placed at the edge.

The right instruments for all those who want both the traditional look and the characteristic sound of a real roundback guitar.

Applause Heritage models are mainly equipped with selected spruce or cedar tops. Of course, they feature the classic Ovation features in basic design, such as the classic Lyrachord roundback body, a slim neck for comfortable playability and a great feel.

In addition to traditional acoustic guitars, the Applause Heritage line also includes nylon-string and bass models, all in a variety of traditional Ovation finishes.

As part of the technical equipment, the CE304T preamp with 3-band EQ and integrated tuner delivers a convincingly good electro-acoustic sound and thus rounds off the overall package of these guitars excellently.

The instruments of the Heritage series are divided into the Traditional and Elite lines, which are distinguished by the types of soundholes used in each case (centre soundhole or multi soundholes).

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